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Brand infringement is a serious business

Most companies can identify their assets pretty easily - buildings, vehicles, machinery and so on - and they take a number of steps to protect them. Few, however, give sufficient thought to protecting what is arguably their most valuable asset: their brand.

Fears mount that cutbacks will imperil young runaways

A number of organisations focused on helping children and young people have been voicing their fears that government cuts are seriously affecting local services for runaways, following a marked decline in the number of dedicated projects in this sector since the spring.

CIFAS warns of mix of old and new staff fraud methods

Analysis of staff frauds recorded by Members of CIFAS - the UK's Fraud Prevention Service during the first six months of 2011, reveals the continued seriousness of the problem posed by dishonest, fraudulent staff operating within organisations. Key findings include: Dishonest actions by staff to obtain benefits by fraud or deception account for over 50% of all confirmed staff frauds committed in the first half of 2011

Study Shows Men & Women View Infidelity Differently

What's worse: cheating on your partner emotionally or cheating on them physically? According to a new study, your answer may depend on your gender. Barry Kuhle, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Scranton, says "while men are more likely to interrogate their partners about the sexual nature of an affair, a woman will often ask her partner whether he is in love with the other woman."

How to tell if your partner is lying

She says she was out with her friends for drinks, but one of them called the house asking for her. So, was she lying? How do you decode your partner's lie? If you are worried that their words are sending mixed messages, then it's time to look for other signals - namely what your partner's body is telling you.

More British spouses contest international divorce race

Increasing numbers of British spouses are 'racing' each other to secure more favourable divorce settlements.

Family lawyers at law firm Pannone have reported a significant rise over the last two years in cases involving couples trying to begin proceedings in countries where they believe they might get a better deal.

Unfaithful husband? Blame the recession says study

Men who feel stressed about their finances and job security during the downturn are more likely to cheat, according to a new US study.

Researchers from the University of Kansas found that men who feel most threatened by the recession go into 'survival mode', which causes their sex-drive to soar as their primal instinct kicks in.

Vehicle Tracking – How it can assist

Do you have concerns about how your employees are spending their time when they should be working for you?

One of the main reasons businesses give for using vehicle tracking is to keep tabs on their drivers and mobile workers. It helps them to cut out un-allowed usage of company vehicles and puts a stop on skiving in working hours.

Wife’s £4M divorce deal

Jennifer Grubb, 55, was awarded a 2 million pound nine-bedroom country house set in 40 acres of parkland, 75,000 pounds a year for child maintenance, a 1.65 million pound lump sum to meet her 'reasonable needs' and other assets after splitting with Anthony Arbuthnot Watkins Grubb in July 2009.

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