Fraud Investigation Services

Fraud Investigation

Bogus injury & illness claims cost business time and money. Using the latest techniques and equipment, we are in a position to obtain irrefutable evidence usable in court if a claim is not legitimate or exaggerated, potentially resulting in huge cost savings.

SPI Ltd have helped organizations to establish evidence to deal with employees who have been caught pilfering, feigning illness, or forging activity records. We can conduct undercover work to detect theft and pilfering in the workplace, and give advice on prevention.

Asset tracking

High tech tracking devices can be fitted to high value equipment & vehicles.

Covert surveillance

Covert surveillance is a key element of Fraud investigations.

At SPI our experienced operatives specialise in surveillance and use the latest covert video and photographic equipment and vehicles (including cars, commercial vehicles, London Taxi, motorbikes).

We provide video evidence in a variety of available formats, along with a comprehensive, detailed report containing all relevant information.

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