Vehicle Tracking - How it can assist

Do you have concerns about how your employees are spending their time when they should be working for you?

One of the main reasons businesses give for using vehicle tracking is to keep tabs on their drivers and mobile workers. It helps them to cut out un-allowed usage of company vehicles and puts a stop on skiving in working hours. There is no arguing that this is one of the biggest benefits to businesses investing in vehicle tracking. By achieving these two basic goals it can save many times the value of the tracking unit it’s self.

Case Study

SPI were employed by a medical supplies company to fit a vehicle tracker to the company vehicle of one of its sales team who there were concerns about. The sales person’s task was to visit hospitals on a daily basis and have meetings. The vehicle tracker was deployed for a week which showed that the member of staff was only infrequently leaving home. A period of surveillance was authorised and video evidence gathered which again showed the sales person leaving the house, going shopping, and walking his dog but not attending any hospitals! When presented with the evidence the member of staff tended his resignation.

Vehicle tracking is not just a useful tool for businesses, it can also assist when their are concerns that a partner may be being unfaithful.

Case Study

SPI were contacted by a concerned wife who believed that her husband may be having an affair. She did not know when or where the affair was happening, so we decided to initially deploy a vehicle tracker to monitor her husband’s movements and keep surveillance costs to a minimum. After monitoring the tracker for a month it became apparent that regular visits were being taken to a local hotel car park on 2 afternoons each week. Surveillance was maintained on our client’s husband the following week at the appropriate time and photographs taken of him meeting an unknown woman in the car park and checking into a hotel room with her. This was obviously distressing news for our client, but she was happy that the ‘not knowing’ period was at an end and that she was not ‘going mad’.

Vehicle tracking can be a very cost effective method of gaining intelligence and information prior to employing surveillance or preventing it’s need altogether. Please call us on 0845 099 0122 or email enquiries@specialistpi for more details and to gain confidential, free advice without obligation.

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