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Divorce & Matrimonial

Divorce & Matrimonial Investigation

Having doubts about your partner's fidelity causes stress, worry, insecurity and upset. It is often the 'not knowing', that causes most anxiety. By carrying out discreet surveillance we can ascertain beyond doubt if infidelity or adultery is taking place.In the case of new relationships, making a commitment to a potential boyfriend or girlfriend may be difficult until you can be confident of their real background and history. Conducting a background check can establish if the new partner in your life really who they say they are.

Divorce & Matrimonial Concerns

The best way to establish a partner's fidelity is to conduct a covert surveillance operation to establish exactly where they are going and who they are meeting with. Where a relationship has broken down and divorce is planned it can be critical for you to gather information and evidence regarding your partner's assets, and new living situation. SPI Ltd can provide the services for all aspects of divorce & matrimonial investigations.


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At SPI we use a combination of covert surveillance equipment (vehicle tracking devices and computer tracking), and specialist surveillance teams to ensure irrefutable evidence is presented to each client. Vehicle tracking also allows us to trace and record a person's movements and then narrow down the time and location required for a manned surveillance operation.

Partner Background Checks

We can thoroughly check your prospective partner, providing you with a detailed background report into their activities, education, current and previous relationship status and whether or not they have any children.

Asset Tracking

With access to personal financial information restricted by law, gaining evidence of a persons behaviour, activities, spending patterns, vehicles, and living situation can be extremely useful in any dispute.

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