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Private Investigator Services

Surveillance Services

A most effective method of proving/disproving impropriety, in a wide range of investigations. Learn more here.

Divorce & Matrimonial

By carrying out discrete surveillance, we can ascertain beyond doubt whether an affair. Learn more here.

People Search

We can assist in tracing missing persons, old school friends or work colleagues, as well.

Learn more here.

Background Checks

To assist you in making the correct hiring decision or for the simple need to know about.

Learn more here.

Vehicle Tracking

Accurately pinpoints the whereabouts of a vehicle using the latest live satellite tracking.

Learn more here.

Fraud Investigation 

Insurance fraud, and employee or staff fraud, are one of the fastest growing and most.

Learn more here.

Brand Protection

Gathering evidence on brand infringement or the sale of counterfeit goods can be achieved. Learn more here.

Mystery Shopping

A useful tool to measure the quality of retail service or gather specific information.

Learn more here.


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