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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking - A cost effective solution

Vehicle tracking allows use GPS and GSM satellite technology to provide you with real time, live tracking, 24 hours a day, remotely accessed from your mobile or smart device anywhere in the world.

What Information Will The Tracker Provide?

The tracker will show the route a vehicle has taken, the speed it travelled and any stops it made and their duration.  You can receive maps, aerial photographs and report logs providing all the information you need.

How Can Vehicle Tracking Assist Me?

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For private clients, vehicle trackers are often used to monitor where a suspected unfaithful partner is at any time. Consequently, this can help to prove or disprove whether they have been cheating or not, and is an extremely cost effective solution. For corporate clients, this can assist in monitoring employees who are suspected of making fraudulent claims or not being where they are supposed to be! Trackers can also be placed on high value goods, such as boats, caravans or high value construction plant. Our experienced investigators are on hand to provide a free consultation and advise on how vehicle tracking can help you. Call us now on +44 (0) 207 206 2450

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