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Ex-husband ordered to pay huge legal bill

Ex-Husband to pay 6 million pound legal bill.

The couple, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had a property empire worth 100 million pounds before the credit crunch. Three years later the husband was claiming in court he “only 87 pounds in his pocket”.

However, his ex-wife’s lawyers disputed his claims, and discovered that he was spending up to 15,000 pounds a month on his credit card and over 2,700 pounds a month renting a flat.

Mr Justice Bodey ordered the husband at the High Court to pay another 3.7 million to his ex-wife, bringing her total divorce payout to over 15 million.

The judge described the legal costs as, “agreed to be nearing 6 million pounds. It’s a depressing sum of money. The costs of this long-running saga between a once married couple could amply have paid the 3.7 million pounds now in issue.”

Mr Justice Bodey said the divorce had revealed “an unusual degree of animosity and mistrust” between the couple. The court heard that before 2007 they had received an “indicative offer” to sell their business for 100 million. When their marriage collapsed in 2008 their combined wealth came to about 31 million, which they originally agreed to split equally. But a deferred payment to the wife of 4.7 million became the sticking point.

In late 2010 the husband claimed he had zero income and was “on the verge of bankruptcy”. The judge said the husband narrowly escaped being reported to the Director of Public Prosecutions for hiving off 16 million pounds to Lichtenstein without telling his ex.

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